Payung Getaway Campsite@ cheratingbeachMY is wedged between a white sandy beach and pristine river along the well known Cherating Beach.

Campsite Ambience
  • vicki thee
    June 4, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    Extremely dissatisfied with payung getway services. A place to get you away without provided a payung(umbrella)
    1.Briefing a approximately 10 camp rules with a pices of A4 paper writing on the clipboard without any safety guide. (No camping skill and knowledge at all)
    2. An encounter unexpected heavy rainstorm and high wind was happened to us early June, around 9.30pm about 6 to 7 tents are blown down by the wind , the person in charge or on duty at this campsite is totally not in sight to support and did not provide a safery advise.
    3. To conclude, I know that nothing will change here since I have read other reviews. In my opinion they are unprofessional with the way they treated their campers, as the person in charge is very rudeness and unhelpful. To warn others If you are with children or just a beginner campers, it is advisable to skip this campsite.

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