Nature Cameron Agriculture Camping is locating at 1088m above sea level at Cameron Highlands. We are newly open up campsite yet still farm within the origins of natural environment without over develop. Liked our name Nature Cameron still remains 100% natural.

Nature Cameron’s founders’ story

Nature Cameron Mint Farm begins in the 80s by Uncle Low. Uncle Low is 80 years old and is still going to the farm daily to harvest mint. Uncle Low has a small family with a wife and two sons.

Uncle Low’s elder son KC Low, also a founder of Nature Cameron Camping Farm, helps manage the mint farm.

One day, KC’s cousin met him to visit his farm and formed an idea to turn part of the mint farm into a camping ground with its beautiful 1088m above sea level hill view and cozy yet natural environment.

Therefore, in July 2022, 4 Nature Cameron founders + KC Low began with the transforming project. During the transformation, all founders start the work from scratch, making every square meter, sewage, toilet, and common area in the rain and the sun. They tend to keep most of the mint farm’s natural part to build the camping ground within the farm.

So, campers can enjoy the fresh mint fragrance, cozy hill view, and eagle-seeing.

Campsite Ambience
From RM 150 / Per Lot
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